Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Just Painting a Picture

Take your savings out of the bank, walk up to a blind man holding a charity tin, head-butt him, turn and throw your savings into the nearest bin; we have a National Insurance System.

‘Housing benefit payments will soar by 15 per cent to £20.8 billion over the next year.’ Daily Express, 4th january 2010.

Why am I quoting this?

My name is Blob, I work for a benefit organisation, following the regulations set by our members of parliament. Day in day out I refuse benefit applications from people that have worked their whole life and fallen upon hard times, and I accept benefit applications from people that have never paid a penny in tax to this country. And why?

You might justifiably think that I was some kind of twisted bureaucrat,a Sir Humprey Appleby on acid, yet the opposite is true. Perhaps you should ask your MP for the answer to that question, I just follow the rules that they set in order to appeal to the widest selection of voters. We all have to earn a living, particularly now that we are having to pay for those that don't want to work and those who are too busy procreating to work.

I am sickened by my job, I would quit but there is no national insurance system to help me out when times are hard, because I have made the mistake of trying to support myself.

Please read my blog, where weekly, I will try to update you with some of the gob smacking things that I see, hear and do.

Today, with a benefit claimant who works only 16 hours a week – just like 50% of my claimant’s, allowing the tax credits and housing benefit systems to fund his family with a wife and two children, my colleague commented on this person’s job of only 16 hours and the man said, ‘the company I work for won’t employ any person for more than 16 hours, because otherwise they will have to pay taxes through the PAYE system, which would require additional book-keeping expense.’ In short, we have to pay benefit to people, because their employers want to save the expense of taking on full time earners. There is a culture developing, amongst certain people, who plan to live in a manner permanently funded by benefits.